"Climate Change is quite simply an existential threat for most life on the planet, especially and including the life of humankind."
Antonio Guterres
UN Secretary General


At Awaken Initiatives, our reason for being or purpose is to address Climate Crisis Escalation. How?

Through transforming our combined high emissions footprint into one that minimizes it. This transformation is via an Awaken lifestyle.

Our Earth is currently on track for Climate Change to morph into Climate Crisis Escalation. What is Climate Crisis Escalation?

Climate Crisis Escalation prompted by our Greenhouse Gas or GHG emissions, is a cascading effect that significantly disrupts and endangers both life-sustaining Earth’s natural systems and our civilizational systems. Most crucial is that our GHG emissions catalyzes the release of Earth’s own vast GHG reservoirs.

And why should you care? The release of Earth’s GHG reservoirs in the permafrost region and on ocean floors, would result in runaway Climate Change. The outcome is global temperatures accelerate and ravage our entire eco-system.

So what is an Awaken lifestyle? It is looking at a decision spectrum starting from planetary to personal well-being in your daily lifestyle. This is the core paradigm shift because Climate Crisis Escalation is in essence due to atmospheric pollution on a planetary level. So an Awaken lifestyle is defined as seeing and prioritizing planetary level well-being first before personal level well-being.

As an example, when you buy something typically it is based solely on your individual preference or personal well-being. Often we do not care or are oblivious to the ramifications of our buying onto the planet, especially onto the atmosphere which we take for granted. Because it appears too abstract to bother at the planetary level, we become oblivious consumers. 

However the combined Oblivious Consumption of more than 7 billion people and heading to more than 10 billion by 2100, is bringing both our planet and humanity to the brink of extinction on a world-wide scale. Thus, we are facing a race against time on our most critical existential threat: Climate Change and its morphing into Climate Crisis Escalation. 

This portal is to galvanize and expand a community that is interested in addressing Climate Crisis Escalation. We’d like you to join us in this adventure!

"Significant problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them."
Albert Einstein
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